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A Frenchman in Brooklyn

Dedicated to Jean-Pierre Guichard, founder of Manutan Group

Composé et interprété par Olivia Denis et Matthieu Bottiau


I’m a Frenchman in Brooklyn

Please come on in

I’m a Frenchman in Brooklyn

Come on in come on in


I love New York The apple of my eye

My own elevator goes to the sky

Now I walk on air no limit

I’m so proud to be part of it


In Gold and competition I trust

Ho la la Ho la la


New York is le paradis

Your success is your identity

You’re here / surely for what you’re worth

It’s heaven on earth

Happy entrepreneur

Blessed are those who dare

Ho la la Ho la la


I hate New York The apple of my ass

No one cares whatever guys have no class

Bloody fake Statute of / Liberty

Enlightening the worst reality


In nature and bonhomie I trust

C’est comme ça C’est comme ça


New York is a cul-de-sac

Filthy Subway horrible big Mac

You’re here ’cause you just need a job

Hysterical mob

Wall Street leads to a wall

There’s not even a golf ball

C’est comm’ ça C’est comme ça


I love Brooklyn The apple of my heart

It rhymes with Claudine how chic and smart

Our dog Hermès adores beauty shops

We chill sipping champagne on rooftops


In start-ups and elegance I trust

Me voilà Me voilà


Brooklyn is so avant-garde

It’s the place where living is an art

You’re here got all you need with love

Ther’s nothing above

At sunset Manhattan

Shines like Manutan

Nous voilà Nous voilà


« I want to be a part of it » : clin d’œil à Frank Sinatra pour sa chanson New York, New York

La Statue de la Liberté éclairant le monde (Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World) est située à New York, au sud de Manhattan.

Le slogan du Groupe Manutan est : “All you need. With love.”

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