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It's a no no

Composée et interprétée par Clara Brunet de Gail

No No.gif

I’m fed up arguing with you endless fuss

Your pub crawls take you away night and day

Lock in your horrible brats twitts and twats

You’d better leave me alone stay off my phone

Just get out just out



It’s a no no Whatever you want to ask

It’s a no no Whoever you want to be

It’s a no no Wherever you want to go

It’s a no no When are you going to leave at last


Why with neighbours are you crude being rude

You're so gross and primitive oppressive

I can’t stand your lecturing threatening

You’re just a pain in my ass keep off my grass

Just get out just out


Your networking never ends fake friends

Stop telling me what to do get the flue

You’re sly as a car dealer sore loser

You’re a disgrace to mankind get off my mind

Just get out just out


hand-1332778_1280 Vrouge.png


« Je l’ai trop aimé pour ne point le haïr. »

Racine,  Andromaque, 1667


« La rupture est faite, l'amour s'est envolé : bon voyage ! »

George Sand, Monsieur Sylvestre, 1866

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