Repeat after me I am free


Say hello / say sorry

Blow your nose / kiss auntie

Wash your hands / brush your teeth

Stop giggling / go to sleep


Do what I say


Do your homework / pass your exam

Only one sweet / say thank you Mum

Clean up your mess / hurry up quick

And for God’s sake / stop being sick


Now repeat after me


You are free / you are free / you are free


Go to work / be model

Feed your kids / act normal

Don’t protest / watch TV

No U turn / drive gently


Do what is said


Follow fashion / don’t jump the queue

Don’t drink too much / and flush the loo

Obey the law / respect the Crown

Pay your taxes / vote for the clown


Now repeat after me


We are free / we are free / we are free


Go shopping / hold the door

Keep smiling / to neighbour

Walk the dog / comb your hair

Don’t park here / one way there


Do what you should


Stop your habits / and addictions

And what about / your obsessions

You’re free to think / you are silly

But you’re silly / to think you’re free


Now repeat after me


I am free / I am free / I am free


Source d’inspiration : graffiti londonien repris dans l’ouvrage d’Yves Pagès,Tiens ils ont repeint ! 50 ans d’aphorismes urbains, 2017

“Go to work, send yours kids to school

Follow Fashion, act normal

walk on the pavement,

watch t.v.

save your old age,

obey the law

Repeat after me :  I am free”

© SingSong - Mentions légales