I dream

I dream of zen


War now belongs / to history

Misery is / an old story

Living beings / can live and be

Cool and happy


Women run our / planet smoothly

Air and water / and health are free

Arms and banknotes / lie in junk shops

Old tops now flops


The Gods respect / one another

People respect / one another

Let’s dream / and sing sing sing

I dream

I dream of you 


Springtime flowers / perfume your way

Birds tweet a hymn / to glorious day

I am in love / a fine romance

Darling let’s dance


Your smile moves me / up to the sky

You’re such a gift / I sing and fly

Let’s stroll along / the daffodils

Over the hills


Body and heart / I long for you

Spirit and soul / I long for you

Let’s dream / and sing sing sing


Ding-Dong / the witch is dead

King Kong / has lost his head 

Ping-pong / the game is played

SingSong / let’s dream in bed


Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead est le refrain de plusieurs chansons du film musical américain The Wizard of Oz (1939).

La chanson a été utilisée en 2013 pour célébrer la mort de Margaret Thatcher
71e Premier ministre du Royaume-Uni.

Composé et interprété par Maxime Lamouroux

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